​You were my life’s 

Favourite season!

You stepped in it 

For a beautiful reason!

You were weaved by god

In fabric of my life!

You were my light and 

An inspirational guide!

You showed me the way 

And taught me to rise!

But the saddest part of 

All these lines!

Is- ‘You were’!

How I wish I could rewrite

These couple of years!

Using ‘are’ instead of 

This killing ‘were’!

#It Kills#


39 thoughts on “YouWere!

      1. Yes agreed, talking to you is really been great experience.

        I found so close, after reading your poems and interacting through comments.

        It’s lovely.

        You write so well. Yes true writing is healing therapy can ease pain and help accepting the reality as well.

        Glad connecting.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. my mind speculates about the story behind this, and some of your other poems. But it would not help me to know! as they are your stories… but I can let your poems resonate with my stories, of course. Thanks for appreciating my site by your ‘follow’ Meenakshi. I will repay the compliment and look forward to reading more of your work, Tony

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tony! We all have stories, we all have scars. That is what keeps life flowing. We poets and writers are sensitive and can connect easily with each other’s stories! Thank you for visiting. I will read your work soon! Have a great day!


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