Who Am I

​Who am I?

I never give it a thought…

Though the whole life I spent

To create my past

Still when I think now

I can not sum up

Who actually am I?

The answer to this search

Keeps on changing with time

And yet I have to define

Who am I?

At the age of five I knew it better

That I’m a little girl with

A name and a title

Later the answer changed

Now I had class to add and a school and my age…

So it was so simple to find

Who am I?

With passing years 

The definition kept on changing

And I was no more the same ‘I’

That girl of age five

In every few years

I was a new person to define

And I really got confused

Who am I?

Now when I reached so far

And try to sum up

All those years of my past

Which I spent being ‘I’

I’m astonished to see

I look a stranger to my eyes

That young girl who was so shy

How could it be ‘I’?

And that lady with fear in her eyes

Was she really me? I’m surprised!

That mother with doubts

Kept worrying and shouts

How weired I find

That image of mine

But atleast I don’t repent

The years I spent

In search of creating ‘I’

Now when I have realised

Where the answer lies 

To who am I?

I will live my life 

To create that shine

So that from heaven I could smile 

Proudly on being- ‘who was I’ !!


31 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Hi,Meenakshi, not many people bother to think of the question, “Who am I?” The following is someone tried to paraphrase what Roberto Assagioli said:

    paraphrasing the originator of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli:
    I have a body, but I am not my body.
    I have emotions, but I am not my emotions.
    I have a mind, but I am not my mind.
    I have roles to play in life, but I am not any of them.
    I am a centre of pure consciousness.

    As a Christian. I know my identity and that identity doesn’t change over time. I don’t know my future, but I know who holds my hand.

    Your poem is excellent, thought is deep. You searched and asked a question that philosopher. psychosynthesis asked. Pravo for your deep thinking.

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    1. Thank You so much! I used to ask this question to me when I was just two years old! The memory is still very fresh in my mind. But at that age I was not able to give words to my curosity.
      But used to wonder a lot about who actually am I? As my father is a wise man and he always used to tell me all kinds of philosophical stories raising more curosity and giving some exercise to my curious mind.
      I’m glad today I could give words to my age old inner thoughts and questions.
      Yes we are not limited to our bodies. As we are part of that eternal light.
      Im glad you read my words and took them seriously! 🙂


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