Lonely Heart

O God! you say we are your part,

But com’n you know we are lonely heart!

We create the great to show we are smart, 

But com’n  you know we are lonely heart!


We rush in a hush from  day to night,

For the survival of the fittest we always fight.

But in the end of the day see what we got?

The feeling of being a lonely heart!


We have mates, we have kids & friends to go,

But still sometimes we feel so low! 

As if our soul is searching its half, 

Since it feels we are lonely heart!


Surrounded by a numerous things,

All comforts that world of material brings!

Still we miss the pure love a lot, 

And don’t want to be a lonely heart!


Our thoughts got wings and high they go,

Our desires play with us to and fro!

Our conscious lost as a tiny dot,

I think that’s why we are lonely heart!


Now don’t play like a mute audience,

You know that we need your guidence!

So spread your magic & heal the lot,

Who are suffering as a lonely heart!


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